Health Care & Senior Living Industry

Stay at the forefront of an ever-evolving industry. One Source simplifies and optimizes your networking and telecommunications while reducing cost and freeing up resources, giving you a competitive advantage to focus on providing superior patient care.

With One Source, you can:

Access networking expertise to navigate HIPAA regulations and unidentified security exploits
Quickly adapt to growth and organizational changes with streamlined communications and increased resource capacities
Gain a true advocate to identify and implement necessary emerging technologies to stay compliant and ahead of competition
Benefit from telecom vendor and carrier accountability resulting in reliable and cost-effective communications

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Health Care Industry

Operational Challenges

  • Lack of visibility into telecom assets to determine optimal portfolio mix

  • Lack of resources to manage assets ordering

  • Inability to sort through multitude of carriers



Portfolio Optimization / Sourcing and Procurement Sourcing & Procurement

One Source’s Approach

to Address Them

  • Optimize and centralize inventories

  • Remain carrier-agnostic to ensure best rates

  • Deploy emerging technologies vetted by experts
  • Manage commissioning and deployment of assets

  • Inadequate carrier and vendor support

  • Lack of resources to manage outages and issues

Service and Support / Help Desk

  • 24/7 U.S.-based help desk

  • Reduce mean time to repair

  • Project manage moves, adds, changes, and disconnects

  • Erroneous carrier charges

  • Inaccurate cost allocations

  • Overwhelming number of invoices to process and pay

Ongoing Expense Management / Bill Payment

  • Consolidate all invoices into one

  • Audit services monthly

  • Pay all bills in advance to avoid rushed invoice validation

  • Frequent overage fees

  • Initial contract negotiation doesn’t account for future growth or contraction
  • Lack of visibility into, and understanding of, telecom usage and trends

Usage Optimization / Cost Recovery

  • Translate usage trends and business needs into executed services

  • Manage contract lifecycle and continuously compress costs
  • Prevent indiscriminate usage

  • Recover billing errors

  • Lack of resources for technology upgrades

  • Lack of field resources for ongoing break/fix
  • Lack of resources and coordinating for facility wiring

Field Services

  • Implement facility wiring and technology upgrades
  • Resolve break/fix issues
  • Confusing HIPAA compliance regulations
  • Complex health care environment increases cyber attack risks
  • Lack of resources to deter unknown security threats
  • Aging infrastructure and technologies in an increasingly mobile and digital environment
  • Unsecured data and vulnerable networks

Security & HIPAA Compliance

  • Mitigate risks through on-going threat assessment and security patches

  • Deploy Mobile Device Management software with advanced features
  • Customize security solutions within budget while maintaining HIPAA compliant

  • Lack of internal IT knowledge and resources
  • Inability to develop long-term IT strategy while managing ongoing break/fix
  • Lack of consistent IT equipment deployed across locations

Office as a Service

  • U.S.-based IT engineers and 24/7 help desk
  • Manage IT infrastructure with a focus on long-term strategy

  • Deploy new IT equipment, turning high capital expenditure into affordable monthly operational expense

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