Communications Lifecycle Management

(Telecom Expense Management)

For years, medium-sized enterprises with annual telecom expenditures ranging from $200,000 to $15 million have had to fend for themselves as they tried to corral the costs of deploying technologies. Most telecom, IT and mobility management vendors have continued to target the Fortune 500, leaving mid-market enterprises severely underserved, with fees out of reach for this neglected segment.

One Source Communications brings the next evolution of telecom expense management through Communications Lifecycle Management (wireline) and Managed Mobility Services (mobile) to middle-market enterprises with $200,000 to $15 million in annual telecom spend, often generating 20% savings and triple-digit return on investment!

Latest Research

Read AOTMP’s latest research on how medium-sized enterprises, a neglected market by telecom, IT, and mobility management vendors, can now level the playing field against their Fortune 500 counterparts by adopting Communications Lifecycle Management.

One bill to pay – Consolidate all carrier invoices into a single audited bill

  • Audit services monthly to identify billing anomalies and control expenses
  • Improve employee productivity by streamlining invoice management through a consolidated repository for all services
  • Ensure on-time payment of invoices with advance bill payment, eliminating rushed invoice validation

Pay for what you use – Implement service adjustments and recover erroneous charges

  • Translate usage trends and turn business needs into implemented changes
  • Prevent indiscriminate usage through granular reporting
  • Recover billing errors via our fully managed bill dispute process
  • Provide visibility to end-users and management through shared services charge-back reporting
  • Confirm appropriate credits are received through fully managed enforcement of SLAs

Get more for less – Optimize assets/services portfolio to deliver significant cost savings while enhancing your infrastructure

  • Identify and eliminate unnecessary services through inventory centralization and visibility
  • Avoid unnecessary rate hikes through end-to-end contract lifecycle management
  • Utilize our carrier-agnostic approach to ensure best-in-class services to drive operational excellence
  • Fully managed commissioning and deployment of telecom/network services and mobile assets

One number to call – Handle all service requests and provide 24/7/365 U.S.-based helpdesk to resolve issues

  • Access our well-trained help desk specialists with the extensive vendor, hardware, and service knowledge
  • Obtain real-time updates associated with all service and repair issues
  • Reduce downtime through our dedicated carrier escalation channels
  • Lean on our team for moves, adds, changes, and disconnect activity, reducing time spent on low-value operational tasks

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